Robotics Competition 2023

Game Time!
Join the Robotics and Coding Competition.

Join the robotics and coding tournament to flex your muscles and showcase your talent! Wize League is a fun way to apply STEM learning for kids — where everyone plays to their strengths as part of a team. Includes exciting games and challenges! End of the Spring semester is a great opportunity for learners to work as a team and compete the other Wize students from various schools.


May 13th, 2023

  • Registration

    Get here on time. We will start the competition on time, so, if you are late, you will get less time to build and code.

  • Opening Ceremony & Team Updates

    Get ready for an exciting competition, our instructors will share details and timelines.

  • Main Event

    This is where it all goes down. You will compete head to head with your friends and rivals. Get ready!

  • Judging

    Judges will judge each team for all missions.

  • Break

    Time for a break after all the hard work!

  • Award Ceremony

    Final leaderboard and team ranking reveals.

Ready To Take On The Challenge?