We follow K-12 Computer Science Standards.

AI-Powered Innovation Meets Hands-On Fun: Transforming Learning Through Cutting-Edge Tools and Interactive Experiences. 
Define the Problem
Experiment & Test
Present & Share

Introductory. Beginner. Intermediate. Advanced Levels.

Projects based on age and skill level. Clear path to growth and achieving true potential.


3D Modeling, Designing & Printing


Build smart robots with various materials and tools


Learn to code using block-based or text-based languages, and in augmented and virtual reality

Wize Computing Academy Pathway for different levels

The full design, build & code curriculum pathway is designed to provide comprehensive education experience that covers both breadth and depth in various computer science topics and teaches real-world, 21st century skills to our learners.

Introductory Level.

Beginner Level.

Intermediate Level.

Advanced Level.