Summer Camps with Award Winning Instructors & Coaches

Enhance your child's summer with a transformative experience at Wize Computing Academy! We proudly present a captivating array of STEAM summer camps meticulously designed for children aged 4 to 16. Our cutting-edge curriculum is thoughtfully tailored to cater to every age and experience level, ensuring optimal engagement and growth. Prepare your child for an unforgettable summer camp adventure at Wize Computing Academy!

Award Winning Instructors
World-Class Curriculum
Plugged & Unplugged Activities

An Exciting Day at Wize Computing Academy Summer Camp

  • Arrival and Welcome

    Campers arrive, meet their instructors and fellow campers, and receive a warm welcome. They settle in and prepare for an exciting day ahead.

  • Plugged Activity Based on Camp Theme

    Campers engage in a hands-on coding, robotics and design session, using computers or tablets to explore programming concepts and complete interactive challenges or coding projects.

  • Snack Break

    Campers take a break to refuel with a healthy snack and have some social time with their peers.

  • Unplugged Activity

    Campers participate in an interactive STEM project or experiment, such as building a simple machine or conducting a science investigation, fostering creativity and critical thinking.

  • Lunch

    Campers enjoy a well-balanced and nutritious lunch together in the main room or in a designated eating area.

  • Plugged Activity Based on Camp Theme

    Campers engage in a hands-on coding, robotics and design session, using computers or tablets to explore programming concepts and complete interactive challenges or coding projects.

  • Break/Snack Time

    Campers take a break and engage in a physical activity or team-building game, promoting teamwork, problem-solving, and physical fitness.

  • Unplugged Activity

    Campers engage in a hands-on engineering or construction project, working collaboratively to build structures, design prototypes, or solve engineering challenges.

  • Departure

    Parents/guardians pick up their campers, excitedly listening to stories about the day's activities and accomplishments. Campers eagerly look forward to another day of exploration and learning at Wize summer camp.

Summer Camp Themes - Learn to Create, Code, Design & Build!

Engineering & Robotics

Embark on an exciting journey through robotics! Program 3-5 bots, debug real-time, and explore electrical engineering & robotics with LEGO WeDo, LEGO Mindstorms, LEGO Spike Essential & Prime, and IoT (Internet of Things). Perfect for aspiring engineers!

Super Hero Programming

Embark on a coding adventure as students unleash their creativity to craft animations, games, music, and videos featuring their own superheroes. No previous coding experience required!

Code, Control and Fly Drones

Experience the thrill of control, coding and flying Drones! Learn computer science fundamentals thru hands-on experimentation. Use both block and text-based coding to control drones. Start with simple programs where you automate drone’s flight path, learn to build your own custom drone controller.

Robot Petting Zoo

Students participate in a “makeathon” to create a robotic pet to delight and inspire visitors to the petting zoo. They construct their pets from familiar materials such as cardboard and craft supplies and use robotic components and programming to bring their creations to life.

Modding with Minecraft

Step into the world of Minecraft like never before! In this program, students don't just play the game—they program it! By learning coding concepts, they create mods that bring their unique ideas to life within Minecraft. We can't wait to witness the incredible "mods" our students will develop! No previous coding experience required.

Interactive Programming in Python

Dive into the world's most popular programming language—Python! From artificial intelligence to robotics, Python is the go-to language across various industries. Our camp is tailored to teach students how to build interactive applications using Python. Through engaging projects and games, learners will master key computing concepts while having a blast! Join us and unlock the endless possibilities of Python programming!

3D Design & Printing

Dive into the world of 3D design and printing—a journey packed with crucial STEAM concepts and design thinking! Our program ignites children's innate creativity, fostering a passion for creation, sharing, and exploration. Students will master the art of designing simple 3D models and preparing them for the exciting realm of 3D printing. From inception to realization, they'll craft something truly unique and walk away with their very own creations in hand!

Mobile App Development

Unlock the world of mobile app development for iOS and Android platforms, and see your ideas come to life online!  Our classes are expertly customized to suit various age groups, ensuring engaging projects that are just right for every learner. No previous coding experience required—just bring your creativity and get ready to build!