No matter your child's level or ability, we have the perfect program for you! Coding and Robotics Programs at the Wize Academy are designed to expand your child’s mind through the development of critical thinking, logic and reasoning skills. We offer classes to children aged 3-16 years.



Through this program for computing, kids will learn how computers and computer systems work, they will design and build programs, they will develop their ideas using technology, and create a range of digital content. Our courses have following in common:

  • Meticulously-designed games, stories and puzzles on computing and mobile apps
  • Emphasis on logical thinking, reasoning and team building
  • Use of various themes, like
    • Sound & music
    • Storytelling
    • Games design
    • Fashion & art
  • Use of visual and physical devices to teach computing concepts in creative ways

Robotics is taught using the Lego WeDo Activity Pack, Lego Mindstorms & Arduino. These tools provides the kids with the opportunity to develop following skills:

  • Think creatively to make a working model of robots and IoT (Internet of Things)

  • Develop vocabulary and communication skills to explain how the model works

  • Establish links between cause and effect

  • Brainstorm ideas and endeavor to bring some of them to fruition

  • Follow 2D drawings to build a 3D model

  • Write and present creative stories using models for visual and dramatic effects



Project Showcases, Intimate, collaborative classes with hands-on activities and fun projects

  • Kids come in for an hour each week, every class has a distinct objective and outcome.
  • Kids learn from both unplugged and hands-on activities. Kids are given homework at the end of every class to reinforce new concepts.
  • We assess all students, generally all kids start at Level 1 and work their way up depending on their pace and learning style. Students can fast track or skip a level based on prior skills and understanding.
  • Students progress is reviewed with their parents individually at the end of each month. While parents are able to see the progress their child is making online we also share the details of in-class unplugged activity. We also regularly update the Student Projects page with selected work done by our students.